About Me - Scott Hunter

About me

My name is Scott Hunter and I am an amateur landscape photographer based in Exeter in Devon, England. I have been taking landscape photographs for around 3 years and I am refining my techniques and skills all the time. I have always been a keen walker and outdoors enthusiast, with a passion for mountainous landscapes and wild places, so being able to capture unique moments on my travels seemed like an obvious hobby to take up.

I still haven't invested in  a DSLR yet, preferring instead to use a lightweight compact camera with a similarly lightweight tripod. My philosophy has always been to go hiking in the mountains first, and take photos second, even if this approach compromises on image quality and resolution.

Feel free to look around the site and I hope these images inspire you to visit Devon and some of the other featured locations. Whilst I have never had any commercial aspirations for my hobby, all of the images featured on this site are available to buy in digital or print form, so be sure to contact me if you wish to purchase a canvas print or a digital copy of an image, and I will be happy to provide this at cost price plus a small mark-up for my time.

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